How’d We Get Here

I’m Tammy..I’m a Realtor in North Carolina and my husband, George, does all different kinds of flooring.  My entire family has a crazy sense of humor and we joke about everything. One day he was working on a rug and I picked up a piece he had laying down on the ground and joked, Look it’s a Redneck Rug! Well, it went from there. We kept coming up with all of these crazy uses, hey, Look, it’s a Redneck Hairpiece!, well, you get the picture. The only thing is, we then started playing with it and it turned out it ACTUALLY had A LOT of good uses. It flies better than any disc you’ve ever used and My favorite, a TRIVET( I call that a pot holder, but people keep correcting me),  I like it for that because it doesn’t scratch the counter, will hold the heat and I don’t have different sizes, shapes, that I’m trying to stack up and they keep falling over (geez does that get annoying to me).   Let me just cram them back into the cabinet along with everything else.

All the Trash Talk

Well, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I thought this is a really cool thing. So, I told my family I was going to market them and they all looked at me like I was crazy and started talking trash about me (you would have to know my family)…That was probably ten years ago. Every time work would get slow I would work on it a little bit, then a little more, then a little more. I was driving my husband crazy, try this, can you do this. It seems every time I would get close to putting it out there things would get busy and there it goes on the back burner again. This past year I finally decided I’m going to quit talking about this and finally get it done once and for all. And here we are….on our way to riches….LOL