Daddy’s Page

This is our Family Redneck (Dad) who led the way to our Redneck Way’s.  Unfortunately he is not with us anymore to see the final product of making him our Mascot.  This is the man who could put a new meaning on the word Redneck, a fight, sure, all day long if it was to correct a wrong or because of someone’s bad behavior, who put’s the jon boat in the swimming pool just to check it out, put’s the cup holder on the lawn mower to hold the beer before it became the thing to do.  The man who encouraged my brother and I to tear the fins off of the water ski’s to go skiing behind the tractor on the dirt road, or ride on the car hood behind the tractor. Well you get the idea, if we could think of it you can believe we did it, and all because of our Redneck Way’s.  That being said he also taught us Loyalty, Honesty, and basically just how to be a good person whether we were alone or to other people.  All of this with his Crazy sense of humor,  which in a way has created all of these Crazy Uses for our Redneck Rug.